July 27, 2019

Gray Owl Retreat Instructor Bios


Dr. Carlie Huberman, PT, DPT

Dr. Carlie Huberman is the owner and performing arts specialist at Elite Arts Physical Therapy.  Carlie has been performing partner acrobatics and aerials for the past 18 years and has been performing and teaching professionally for the past 9 years.  Since receiving her doctorate in physical therapy Carlie has been on a mission to teach Injury Prevention classes to the performing arts community!  As a performer herself she always felt that PT exercises were geared towards the gym and left out those of us that refuse to go to the gym! So Carlie decided to create PT exercise programs that used body weight and mobility tools that could be done in your living room!


At this retreat Carlie will be helping instruct not only the Acro Classes but she will be running the two Injury Prevention Classes, the Flexibility class, as well as the Performance Skills class which will delve into how to bring your character to life on stage!



Matt Berno

Matt Berno is a PhD student in mechanical engineering at NC State studying the mechanics behind rotator cuff tears and shoulder osteoarthritis. Matt found partner acrobatics over three years ago in Columbus, Ohio and quickly allowed it to take over his life. He is the main organizer for the acro yoga jams in Raleigh, NC and has been performing partner ground acrobatics for about two years. Matt loves to teach acro and has taught several classes as well as spends a lot of his time at each jam teaching and helping others so that they might find success with new skills. Safety and finding success with progressions are two of the biggest teaching points for him and new skills are always broken down into much smaller parts in order to build to higher skills and build excitement at each step along the way!


Matt will be co-teaching all of the acro classes at this retreat and will also be available during all of the jams to spot and/or offer assistance with any of the new skills. If we’re lucky he might even make some fancy treats with which we can reward ourselves for all our hard work!


Emilee Behrendt

Emilee Behrendt is the owner Healer’s Hemp Co, a farm to table CBD company where she does everything from growing the hemp to formulating and producing CBD products. She will be available to answer any and all CBD questions you have, and will also be assisting Matt with teaching the acro classes.

She was a competitive cheerleader for 16 years, and performed at the World Cheerleading Championships for two years. She did collegiate cheerleading at NCSU and is a former professional cheerleader for the NHL. She fell in love with acro the first time she tried it, and has been training with her partner (Matt) and going to festivals ever since. Her background in coaching cheerleading/gymnastics naturally transfers to teaching acro (safely!). She has also won awards for choreography. She loves sharing the excitement and joy acro brings to her life, and can’t wait to share it with you!

Jana Davis Photography

Jana Davis is a former high school math teacher turned professional photographer. She has been photographing weddings, events, families, children, pets, and sports since 2009. Her love for photography stems from watching her mother capture precious moments from the time she was a toddler.

Jana Davis is now specializing in action photography and is excited about the opportunity to provide you with a private photo session where you will have the opportunity to have your best acro moves frozen in time to cherish forever.

For more information on Jana Davis Photography CLICK HERE.

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