Elite Arts Physical Therapy is a cash based mobile PT clinic based out of Raleigh, NC that services the entire Triangle and some of the surrounding areas.  Elite Arts PT is owned and operated by Dr. Carlie Huberman, DPT, Raleigh native and life long performer. To learn more about our owner, visit the Who am I page!

Elite Arts PT was founded in order to give performing artists the medical advice and the physical therapy services that they need in order to keep performing and training as long as possible.  At Elite Arts we understand that not everyone is built for the gym and a typical PT setting. We utilize manual therapy through mobilizations, cupping, massage therapy, and assisted stretching as well as creating personalized workout plans using targeted body weight exercises created specifically with your needs in mind.  Since our owner has been a performer, musician and acrobat her whole life she understands the uniqueness of your skills and needs, and will modify everything to you. We also have a lot of experience working with hyper-flexible people and people who WANT to become more flexible. At Elite Arts PT we can help you gain that flexibility safely and keep it no matter your age!

All appointments are 1 on 1 for a full hour with no techs or assistants. While we do not take in-network insurance, being a cash based practice allows us to treat our patients completely based on what you need, instead of being limited by what the insurance company allows. Since the clinic is mobile you have a few choices on where to meet.  For a list of our specific services visit the “Work with Me” page!

Due to Covid-19:

We are only offering in-person appointments for the 1st initial PT appointment, dependent on the current COVID situation.  All follow up appointments will be online unless specifically discussed with Dr. Carlie due to covid safety. All in-person appointments are at the patients home or other private location the patient has access to.

Home Visits:

Dr. Carlie Huberman will come to your home with a full PT set up and do your entire initial session right in your living room, dependent on current COVID situation.  Must be with-in a 45 min drive of downtown Raleigh, NC.

Partnered Studios:

When we are out of the COVID-19 situation Dr. Carlie Huberman will be back to working at one of our partnered studios listed below.


Retreats and Workshops:

Dr. Carlie Huberman also puts on workshops and retreats throughout the year!  You can see what upcoming workshops and retreats we have coming up soon here!

Partner Studios

Stage Door Dance – Lake Boone, Raleigh

4035 Lake Boone Trail #113
Raleigh, NC 27607

Learn more

Pure Vida Studio – Cary

1162 Parkside Main St
Cary, NC 27519

Learn more

Upside Aerial Arts & Fitness – Burlington

2241 Hanford Rd Suite 103
Burlington, NC 27215

Learn more

Stage Door Dance – Brier Creek

2720 Godley Ln #101
Raleigh, NC 27617

Learn more

Triangle Circus Arts – Durham

1408 Christian Ave c
Durham, NC 27705

Learn more

Carolina Ballroom of Cary

302 Pebble Creek Dr.
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 651-0366

Learn more

Want to become one of our partnered studios?

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