Dr. Carlie Huberman, DPT is the owner of Elite Arts Physical Therapy and specializes in treating performing artists and athletes. Carlie started gymnastics at the age of two and has been dancing, acting, tumbling and performing circus acrobatics since elementary school.  She holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Elon University and has been a professional trapeze artist and instructor for the past 15 years.

Rehabilitation Founded in Creativity

Elite Arts PT is an in-person and online physical therapy clinic based out of Raleigh, NC that understands that not everyone is made for the gym.  At Elite Arts we utilize creativity to make physical therapy not only fun but functional to help you excel at whatever sport or performance activity you participate in. Whether you are looking to eliminate pain from your daily life or when training, improve your flexibility, increase your strength, or gain the ability to perform new skills, we can help.

Online or In-Person Appointments:

In person appointments are now only offered at Carlie’s home clinic in Downtown Raleigh (Near Dorothea Dix Park).  For exact location please contact us or book.  All other appointments are online.

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