(ONLINE) – KneeHAB & Lower Body Conditioning
Zoom - MyFLEX Studio Class
Every other Tuesday at 9:30am EST


MyFLEX Studio Online Class:

This 30 min conditioning class will work on the muscles needed to support and stabilize the knees! This class will focus on strengthening hip extensors, flexors and rotators as well as the calf, quad and hamstring muscles. If you are recovering from a knee injury or just want to decrease a risk of knee injury this class is for you!

Supplies needed: You will need a roller, yoga blocks, a peanut or ball, and a medium strength mini-band loop.

Price: $5

Class is taught every other Tuesday at 9:30 am EDT.  (This class alternates weekly with the Back Pain No More Class)

The class will be recorded and sent out to all who sign up at the end of the class.  The recording is available for 7 days.

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