Stand Tall and Flexy Workshop
Pura Vida Studio - 1162 Parkside Main St., Cary, NC 27519
August 15, 2021


Let’s work on your standing flexibility!  In this, in person, 90-min flexibility workshop taught by Dr. Carlie Huberman, DPT we will be working on all types of different standing flexibility.  The workshop will focus on skills including standing splits and tilts, scorpions, standing backbends, scales and arabesques.  Carlie is a physical therapist that specializes in performing artists and has been doing circus acrobatics for 20 years now.  The class will include injury prevention techiqnues and anatomy information to make sure that the student feels like they have not only worked on their flexibility but learned more about their bodies by the end of the workshop.
Suggested Items to bring if possible: Roller, massage ball or peanut
This workshop will be in person at Pura Vida Studio.
Mask are required for all participants.

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