Pull-Up Bar Conditioning – MyFLEX Studio Class
Zoom - Through MyFLEX Studio
June 3, 2021 Every Thursday at 7:45pm EST

MyFLEX Studio Class:

With so many of us grounded, away from our aerial studios, this class will help keep your aerial shoulder and grip muscles strong and healthy! This class will use a pull-up bar (or aerial rig) and MyFlex ground exercises to keep your shoulders bulletproof even without an apparatus and keep you from losing any strength, even if you are stuck at home. This 45 minute class is taught by Dr. Carlie Huberman and will be a lot of fun! You do NOT need to be able to do a pull-up to take this class!


Price: $10

Class is taught every Thursday at 7:45pm EST.


In order to take this class you must be a member of MyFLEX.  The class will be recorded and sent out to all who sign up at the end of the class.  The recording is available for 7 days.


To sign up visit the MyFLEX Studio in your MyFLEX Profile.

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