Intermediate & Advanced Trapeze Series (In-person at Pura Vida Studio)
Pura Vida Studio - 1162 Parkside Main St., Cary, NC 27519
January 31, 2022 Every Monday at 7:15pm - February 21, 2022


Ready to up your trapeze skills? This 4 week class series is aimed at people who want to work on connecting trapeze tricks into sequences while conquering some fun rolls and drops on the trapeze at the same time! This class will be kept to 6 people only and modifications of skills will be given to help students at different levels continue to progress in each class. Class is for ages 14 and up.
Pre-requisites: You must be able to get on and off and stand on a trapeze without help and have the strength to hold your weight in your hands in a bent arm hang.

Suggested items to bring if possible: foam roller, leg warmers or leather leg protectors, an extra long sleeve sweatshirt/ arm protectors.

This class series is being taught in person at Pura Vida Studio.

All participants are required to wear a Mask at all times.

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